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Archive for January, 2008

Software and Tools

A gathering of useful tools for Flickr fanatics

Desktop Applications

1001 for Mac OS X – Allows batch uploading and can notify you of new photos uploaded by your friends.

Background Switcher – Will auto-change your desktop background on a Windows machine at intervals of your choosing from a pool of photos you pick.

Desktop Flickr Organizer for Gnome – Desktop organizer for Linux that allows online and offline work on your photos and tagging.

Flickr and Webimager – Lets you capture your entire screen, or just a portion, and auto-upload it to your account.

Flickr Exporter for Aperture – Tag and upload your photos, store ID and URL for your photos in the Aperture program.

Flickr Exporter for iPhoto -Edit photos, add tags, resize before loading and several other useful options.

Flickr Finder – Mac OS X application for browsing your photos.

Flickr Notifier – An RSS reader that displays photos on your desktop from your friends’ accounts as they are uploaded.

Flickr Screensaver v3 – Turns your screensaver into a slideshow of your Flickr photos.

FlickrDown – A program that eases saving photos from Flickr to your hard drive.

FlickrFaves – Java based downloader to retrieve high-res images for your use.

FlickrUploadr – A bulk uploader for Linux.

jUploader – Runs on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Gives you batch uploading and tagging.

Nostalgia – Lets you search Flickr, create new photo sets and synchronize your desktop with your account.

OS X uploader – Uploader for Mac OS X 10.3 and above.

PictureSync – Application for Macs that allows you to upload to Flickr and several other services all at once.

Slickr – A combination download and high-res slideshow in one. Windows compatible.

Upload to Flickr via Windows XP Explorer – Allows you to upload directly from Windows Explorer.

Windows uploader – Drag and drop interface to upload pictures from your Windows desktop. Versions available for Windows 98, ME, 2000, and XP.

Firefox Extensions

Better Flickr – Adds a menu of optional extra features to Flickr.

Fireflix – Sidebar extension to upload, manage and search photos on Flickr.

Flickr Sidebar – Sidebar that lets you search and browse photo lists.

FlickrFox – Lets you browse and search Flickr photos in a sidebar.

flickrgethighrez – Allows you to get a Flickr photo in the highest resolution possible.

Fotofox – Lets you pick and tag photos from your computer and upload them to Flickr and several other image hosts.

OakFlickr4PFF – Adds a Flickr uploader to your browser.

PicLens – Turns your screen into a full size image viewer.

Uploadr for Flickr – Lets you load an image directly from a website to your Flickr account.

Fun & Games

Big Huge Labs – Tons of little games to play with Flickr photos like making badges and motivational posters.

Bubblr – Add comicbook-like word balloons to Flickr photos.

Fastr – Presents you with random photos from Flickr; you have to guess the tag they have in common.

Flickr Chia Pet – Grow Chia hair on any photo.

FlickrLogoMakr – Turn any words into a Flickr-type logo with their font.

Flicktionary – Play a compound word game against it until you can guess what it’s thinking.

Hamster Sudoku – Uses images of hamsters from Flickr for you to play a picture version of the popular game.

Matchr – A Flickr puzzle game.

Memry – Play the classic game of Concenntration, but with pictures from Flic

Mosaickr – Creates a mosaic of your master photo using your other photos.

Printr Killr – Lets you make a calendar with your photos.

Spell With Flickr – Spell any word you want, this site grabs pictures of letters to spell it out.

Tag Man – Play the classic game of hangman by guessing the letters in a random photo tag.

The Internet Inferno – As you scroll through Dante’s levels of Hell, this page finds matching photos to the theme of each layer.

Greasemonkey Scripts

Ajax Photo Blogging in Flickr – Post a story about the photo you are looking at to your blog.

Flickr 5 Stars Ratings – Adds star ratings to your photos.

Flickr Ad Removal – Hides the text ads on the site.

Flickr All Sizes Menu – Adds a menu to select which size to see when hovering on the All Sizes button.

Flickr AllSizes+ – Allows you to access all sizes for a Flickr photo, copy the code and download the image.

Flickr Auto Page – Removes the need to click on the page numbers to go to another page, adds more to the page as you scroll.

Flickr Auto Tag – Lets you save and reuse tags you use frequently.

Flickr BBCode Generator – Automatically gives you the code to post the image on BBCode sites.

Flickr Contacts Organiser – You can tag each contact, giving you more search options.

Flickr EXIF Decorator – Lets you hover over a photo and puts a translucent overlay in the top left corner which shows you information about the camera.

Flickr GeoRadar – Shows you nearby geotagged images on a radar screen.

Flickr Group Display – Easier group management.

Flickr Image Src Exposer – Adds an “IMG LINK” tag making it so you can download any photo.

Flickr Keyboard Navigation – Adds keyboard shortcuts to some of the most common navigation moves on Flickr.

Flickr Mail To – Adds a “mailto” button above photos and also adds a “send page” link on every page.

Flickr More Home – Add more content to your home page.

Flickr Photo Magnifier – Adds a magnifier to the toolbar to see details in photos.

Flickr Photostream Graphr – Lets you graph how many times your stream has been viewed.

Flickr Quick Comment – Allows you to save commonly used feedback comments and choose the one you want leave.

Flickr Q u i c k r v0.3.3 – Add thumbnail/buddys & NavBar. Also removes all Yahoo ads and bloacked images.

Flickr remove spaceball – Removes the download deterrent image that appears over some photos.

Flickr Rich Edit – Gives you more options in the comments box when it comes to the font.

Flickr Search for Creative Commons – Will allow you to search only on Creative Commons licensed pics.

Flickr Show Licenses – Tell at a glance what the copyright status is of a photo.

Flickr Titles + Descriptions Batch Tools – Adds tools for batch editing titles and descriptions.

Flickr/Shutterfly Integrator – Gives you the ability to order prints of Flickr photos via Shutterfly.

FlickrCommentTools – Allows you to edit HTML into your comments and include your own photos.

FlickrMailManager – Add more options to your Flickr mailbox. Features such as mark all as read, delete all, send notification emails.

FlickrPM – Adds icons for mail, profile, favorites, Scout next to user names, allows you to send messages without leaving the page you’re on.

FlickRate – Adds a rating panel under a current photo in an effort to give Flickr a better ratings system.

Geotag Flickr with Multimap – Adds a “add geotags” link to photo pages so you can add geographical data.

Miscellaneous Plugins

Flickr4Writer – Plugin for Windows Live Writer blogging software that allows you to insert Flickr photos into your posts.

FlickUrPic – Module to let you add your Flickr photos, including private ones, to your Joomla powered site.

Flickengr – Adds Flickr pictures to the bottom of your Yahoo Messenger chats.

Flickr Sets – Enables you to display your photo sets on your Textpattern-powered weblog.

Galleryr – Adds a Flickr gallery to your Blojsom powered blog.

Google Maps in Flickr – Adds a Google map to check the geotagging on the photos without leaving the site.

WordPress Plugins and Tools

FAlbum – Allows you to display your Flickr photos and photosets on your site.

Flickr Comment Importer – Imports comments from your Flickr account into your WordPress blog.

Flickr Photo Album – Allows you to add your Flickr photos to your blog as galleries, also gives you access in the admin area to add them easily to posts.

Flickr Tag Cloud Widget – A sidebar widget for WordPress that shows your Flickr tags in a tag cloud.

Flickr Widget – Display up to 10 photos from Flickr with this widget.

FlickrFaves – WordPress plugin that allows you to display your favorites on your site.

Kubrickr – Replace the “blue blob” at the top of the basic WordPress theme, Kubrick, with any image of your choosing from Flickr.

SimpleFlickr – Allows you to embed a Flickr-integrated simpleviewer into your WordPress site.

Website Tools

Chasr – A mini-application that lets you display your Flickr photos on your website.

‘Color Fields’ Color Picker – Choose a color from the color picker, pictures featuring that color pop up. Good if you are trying to design a website with a certain color scheme. And it’s oddly addictive to play with!

Flickr Anywhere – Allows you to display all your public photos on sites such as MySpace.

Flickr Color Selectr – Use a color picker and search only images that are Creative Commons Licensed and match the colors you need.

Flickr Module for CMS – Add Flickr pictures to your CMS Made Simple site.

Flickr Slideshow Generator – Allows you to generate the HTML you need to embed a Flickr slideshow in your website.

FlickrLilli – Search only for Creative Commons License tagged photos.

flickrSLiDR – Allows you to embed Flickr slideshows on your website or blog.

Gickr – Creates animated GIFs from your photos to use on your website.

PictoBrowsr – A photo set viewer to put on your website or MySpace.

Travelr – Free photo gallery you put on your site that allows you to display your photos geographically

Yahoo Widgets

FD Flickr Uploader – Background uploading, multiple photo drag and drop. Able to title, tag, enter descriptions, edit privacy settings on each photo. For Mac and Windows.

FlickrNotFrisk – Search photos on Flickr by tags and display the results. You can save images by clicking on search results. For Mac and Windows.

Flickr Upload – Drag and drop interface, allows you to tag before upload. For Mac and Windows.

Flickr Widget – Official Flickr upload widget by Yahoo. For Mac and Windows.

Magic Lantern – Desktop background image changing widget. Windows only.